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 Rules and Limitations

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PostSubject: Rules and Limitations   Tue Apr 07, 2009 7:52 pm

In this topic, there is a list of rules which you must follow within the RPG. Please make sure you are aware ofthem and don't break them. Failure to obey the rules will lead into punishment.


1. No Breaking the Rules
2. No Sexistism
3. No Racistism
4. No Ageistism
5. No Swearing
6. No Spamming
7. No Being Mean
8. No Godmodding
9. RP the right way
10. No Cheating
11. No impersonating Moderators
12. No impersonating Administrators
13. No RPing no more than 2 topics at a time
14. No Advertising on the Chatbox
16. Always Have Fun
17. No Cannons
18. No Demons
19. Only 1 main and 1 alt
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Rules and Limitations
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